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Smoked Meats and Cheese, Salads, 
Subs, Wraps, Drinks, Dry Goods & Related Items

Since 1920 we have been serving our customers at farmer's markets and keeping our commitment to quality, selection and service. Our quality shows in our natural hardwood smoked hams and bacon. Our selection shows in our lunch meats, salads, and specialty cheeses from around the world. Come visit us at one of our stores or farmer's market locations in Pennsylvania, and we'll show you Lancaster County service.

Natural Hardwood Smoked Hams - Taste the difference

Over the years, not much has changed in making a S. Clyde Weaver ham. One taste of our Natural Hardwood Smoked Ham, and you will know why. We are committed to offering you unique, high quality products. That means starting with high quality ingredients and not taking shortcuts. Discover the difference.

Lancaster County Favorites.

S. Clyde Weaver offers a wide variety of unique, Lancaster-local, delicious foods. From 

sliced lunch meat and cheese trays, to arranged gift packs featuring our famous assortments of bolognas, hams and cheeses, we have something for all your occasions. Looking to put together a cheese plate for an appetizer? Let us help you navigate the many imported and domestic cheese varieties.  Visit our Online Store to have our products shipped.  Enjoy!

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